Indigenous Partners

PeoplePlus Australia is a proud investor in majority-owned Indigenous training and employment service businesses, offering our partners strategic and back office support as required.

About our partnerships

PeoplePlus empowers our partners to grow and prosper by respectfully taking a ‘back seat’ in service delivery and local presence while, at the same time, providing capacity-building/reduced costs across a wide range of centralised back-office support services such as:

  • IT&T infrastructure
  • Quality and Compliance systems
  • Human Resource Management systems
  • Finance systems and reporting
  • Marketing expertise and resources

In addition, our Indigenous business partners can also benefit from:

  • Access to debt and equity funding
  • Improved governance at board level
  • Job opportunities in other PeoplePlus programs
  • Sharing of best practice
  • Government tender expertise

We take a minority shareholder position in Indigenous-owned businesses that are focused on delivering pre-employment and employment services to Indigenous Australians.


What we do

PeoplePlus draws upon and shares the combined experience and best practice of all its partners in servicing job seekers, employers, local service providers and government support agencies to deliver strong social, financial and contractual results.

A collaborative investment approach
We create value in our portfolio investments by contributing towards building strong and self-sustainable businesses with a focus on growth. We work closely with founders, senior management and other stakeholders to deliver a clear business plan at the outset with longer-term strategic goals in mind.

PeoplePlus dedicates several investment executives on all our portfolio companies, centered around a lean and responsible board structure. This allows key decision makers the opportunity to move quickly and aid in efficient decision-making processes to ensure the business is nimble.

Embrace unique social and market conditions
Our Indigenous partners work closely within their own network of businesses and community-based organisations, addressing the specific needs of clients to benefit local communities. We support and encourage a stronger connection between job seekers, businesses and service providers based on an understanding of local market knowledge.

Consultation with Government
We coordinate with community leaders and government advisors to round-table client/employer engagement strategies and activities. By doing so, it enables us to provide reports and analysis to the Federal Government’s National Indigenous Australians Agency (NIAA) for further improvements to employment programs.

Our Indigenous Partners



Addressing the needs of over 700 participants in six communities throughout the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia, delivering activities under the 
Community Development Program (CDP).

EyrePlus Website



Servicing over 1,000 participants in 19 communities across the Western Tablelands of Far North Queensland under the Community Development Program (CDP).

TRACQS Website




Delivering social impact programs and quality-related services to clients and communities through the ParentsNext program at 36 locations in NSW, QLD and NT.

Bamara Website



Babana Employment

Dedicated to working with Indigenous Australians to transition them into work and ensure they are retained in employment, with mentoring services to support people into a state of work readiness.

Babana Employment Website