Recruitment Services

We provide a complete range of recruitment and employment services at no cost to you.

Our team of recruitment specialists are available to understand your employment needs, provide expert advice and find the right candidate for your business.

With our access to funding initatives, we can help you build a knowledgeable and appropriately qualified workforce you can rely on to grow your business.

We will provide regular updates via email, phone and / or onsite visits tailored to your business needs. It really is recruitment made simple!

Why leave your recruitment with us?

We work with thousands of employers across Australia.

Whether you are a small to medium business or a large organisation, our recruitment consultants will ensure you hire the right people for the right vacancies, at no cost to you.

    • Reduced recruitment costs with no direct service fees to you
    • Fair and consistent recruitment process
    • Job-ready candidates
    • Enlarged candidate pool
    • Increased retention of candidates
    • Measurements for performance and quality of the process
    • High-quality management information to support growth strategies and targets
    • Ability to adapt service to specialist projects or key candidate groups
    • Focus on CSR agenda
    • Innovation in recruitment
    • Single point of contact for all your recruitment needs.


What we offer for your business

Vacancy profiling

We take the time to understand your staffing needs and help you design your vacancy to attract the right candidates.

Advertising and candidate screening

We’ll advertise your vacancies and pre-screen all applicants – and we’ll save you time and money as there is no direct cost to you for our services. We also have a pool of job-ready candidates so we can meet even the most immediate staffing needs.

Pre-employment training

We run fully-funded training programmes tailored to your business needs. This means that the candidates we put forward for an interview with you are already equipped with the skills you need.

Post-employment support

Our dedicated Post Placement Support Services (PPS) provide your business the support you need for up to six months upon commencement of a new employee.

Depending on the circumstances, you and your new staff member may be eligible for extra assistance to seamlessly integrate with your business.

Whether your new employee requires job specific clothes, skills training or licensing, we are here to help ensure that your new starter has all the support they need to allow your business to grow and succeed.

Training and apprenticeships

A skills gap in your workforce can have a major impact on the success of your business. We have access to funding to help you develop your staff giving them the training they need to help your business grow.

Benefits To Your Business:

  • Improves overall workforce skills to reach your business objectives
  • Improves employee motivation and staff retention
  • On or off site training, delivered at a time and place to suit you and your business
  • Course content can be tailored to incorporate your business objectives if required

Benefits To Your Employees:

  • Opportunity to learn new and relevant skills
  • Sense of worth and value within the workplace
  • Improved performance and personal development
  • Career growth and progression, including the opportunity to move onto intermediate and higher apprenticeships

You can access a range of wage subsidies to help you train your existing staff – as well as off-set the costs of new staff. We help you benefit from the best public investments available in recruitment and training. Working with you, you will be able to navigate the funding incentives available so that you can reward and up-skill your staff.

Discover the benefits of a diverse workforce

More than 4 million Australians experience disability at some point in their lives.

Creating a diverse workforce can help you connect with the wider community and better understand the needs of your customers.

Diversity also makes good business sense. Research shows that employees in inclusive workplaces are more engaged, motivated and productive. Workers with disability also have lower rates of absenteeism and employee turnover, and low incidence of workplace injury.

If you’d like to discover the benefits of a diverse workforce for your business, see our Disability Employment Services for Employers page here.

  • depending on your new starter’s circumstances, you may be eligible for financial incentives to guarantee your business finds the right staff
  • coordinating any paperwork to take the workload off your business by our Wage Subsidy Team
  • providing you with access to dedicated Post Placement Support for any additional non-vocational requirements that may arise
  • providing your new employee with any clothing and personal protective equipment required for their new role
  • upskilling your workforce to provide your new employee with vocational licences and tickets to get your business growing