Post Placement Support

Post Placement Support

Our dedicated Post Placement Support Services (PPS) provide your business the support you need for up to six months upon commencement of a new employee.

Depending on the circumstances, you and your new staff member may be eligible for extra assistance to seamlessly integrate with your business.

Whether your new employee requires job specific clothes, skills training or licensing, we are here to help ensure that your new starter has all the support they need to allow your business to grow and succeed.

To find out more about how PeoplePlus can assist you with your changing business needs, contact us today.

  • dependant on your new starter’s circumstances, you may be eligible for financial incentives to guarantee your business finds the right staff
  • coordinating any paperwork to take the workload off your business by our Wage Subsidy Team
  • providing you with access to dedicated Post Placement Support for any additional non-vocational requirements that may arise
  • providing your new employee with any clothing and personal protective equipment required for their new role
  • upskilling your workforce to provide your new employee with vocational licences and tickets to get your business growing